House Wiring & Rewiring

House Wiring & Rewiring

Have you recently purchased a new home but have inherited the old electrical wiring? Many homes across the UK were built before modern wiring regulations were enforced so homeowners are now faced with the problem of upgrading their electrical system including getting a replacement fusebox.

This is likely to be the first time many of you have even thought about house re-wiring so it's unlikely you will have an idea of what the cost may be. Well, you don't have to worry any more, here at RCS Electrics you have found a local, trusted company who will offer you sensible, realistic quote to carry out rewiring for your home.

RCS Electrical is an electrical contracting business for domestic and commercial electrical installations. We specialise in house rewiring, inspection and testing of installations, even down to extra sockets. Commercial installations are also fully catered for.

As an approved contractors we undertake SAFE electrical work, carried out with minimal disruption and with maximum care and cleanliness.

FREE estimates are provided and if we make an appointment, WE KEEP THAT APPOINTMENT.

Q. Can I live in my house whilst it is being rewired?

A. Yes. One of our main aims is to minimise disruption. We achieve this by:

- Localising the work in your property by rewiring one part at a time.

- Keeping you advised as to where we will be working and what we will be doing

- Covering furniture etc. to protect from the dust that is inevitable when chasing through plaster becomes necessary.

- Clearing up thoroughly at the end of each working day, putting floorboards back and cleaning affected areas .

- Clearing away all rubbish from your premises.

Q. How do I know if my house needs a rewire?

A. The age of the installation is a good guide, but remember that the quality of the original workmanship affects the decision. An inspection is the only sure way to answer this and these are the things we look for, amongst many other items:

1. The condition and age of the main fuse board and whether the circuits are clearly labelled

2. The earth bonding to the water and gas mains ( a green and yellow cable to each)

3. The general condition of visible cables. Are they rubber or PVC insulated and are they visibly deteriorating?

4. Any cables lacking support or physical protection?

5. The condition of socket outlets, light switches and lampholders etc. For example are they cracked or heat affected?

Are there sufficient socket outlets suitably distributed to meet the needs of all electrical appliances? Extensions and alterations often have inadequate capacity for the loading demanded by appliances such as washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers.

Many fires are caused by an electrical fault. Do you have smoke detectors fitted? They are a very cheap way to minimise the effects of a fire.

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