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Our electricians cover all aspects of domestic work on new properties and existing dwellings, ensuring all work meets the criteria in line with current wiring and health and safety regulations. We aim to provide minimal disruption to your property and home life during works and will keep you fully informed throughout the process. All of our electricians are NICEIC accredited and all work undertaken will be done so in a tidy and professional manner. We provide all aspects of domestic work including:

  • New build projects
  • Complete re-wires
  • Landlord Certificates
  • Consumer unit installation (Fuse Board)
  • LED Lighting
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV
  • Security lighting / Outside lighting
  • witches, sockets and TV Points

Why use an RSC Electrician?

Our electricians offer a high quality service, we are a small family run company who like to look after all of their customers.
  • We are clean and tidy and treat all property as if it is our own
  • Our electricians have years of experience and are very knowledgeable
  • We are fully registered and insured NICEIC company, safety is high on our list
  • Our electricians are fast and efficient and do not cut corners
  • We are very competitively priced
  • Hopefully that ticks all the right boxes for you and would like to get in touch.
For a reliable affordable electrician please call 0800 0029197

Electrian FAQ

See below some frequesntly asked questions, if you have any other questions please dont hesitate giving us a call

What Is A Consumer Unit?

A Consumer Unit is the box of fuses or now what we call Circuit Breakers.

These fuses / breakers are fitted in a single row inside the box housing revealing the switches which are pushed up to turn the electricity on and down to turn the electricity off. The reason they operate in that mechanism is to avoid accidents. The reason for this is we regulary operate lighting switches in the home, and so this requires that extra thought as to when operating on a consumer unit.

The consumer unit is where electricity is divided up into different ring mains and circuits eg lighting, sockets etc. All consumer units now come fitted with Residual Current Devices.

How Much Is A House Rewire?

There are many factors for that contribute to the total price of a full house rewire when completed by a professional NICEIC registered electrician.

Starting with the Consumer unit / fuse boxes. The consumer unit is the part of the house where the electrical supply is split into the different circuits. The main circuits are lighting, sockets, cooker and shower circuits. All of these are protected by a mini circuit breaker followed by a mains switch and an RCD.

The consumer unit is a very technical and time consuming item to fit during an electrical installation and should only be attempted by competent electricians. The aim of a full house rewire is to get all the fresh cables to the consumer unit and make them live.

What work is involved?

Electrical outlets have to be installed in various ways. Two way lighting circuits operate from different locations which entail various different lengths of fresh cable ran throughout the center of the property. The process of a house rewire requires in depth thought as to where best to gain access for the new outlets and in most cases requires drilling and after plastering or patching up around the afffected areas. In addition cross bonding (Earthing) has to be taken into consideration.

During the course of a full rewire there are extras that have to be included along the way, house alarm systems, bathroom fans, shaver points, electric showers, central heating circuits. All the previous mentioned have to be taken into consideration when running cable back to your new consumer unit.

As for having a set price sadly they do not. Each property is individual and has its own electrical needs making it difficult to price without seeing it in person. If you would like to send us information about your property via the contact form we could try to give you a rough estimate.

If you require a house rewire and live please get in touch for a free no obligation quatation.

What is Earthing?

In your home electricity supply earthing is required. The earthing system currently in place defines the electrical potential of the conductors relative to the earths conductive surface. The use of the earthing system as its known varies drasticly depending on power supply and also country to country. A (PE) which stands for protective earth is a connection which fully ensures all open exposed conductive surfaces have the same electrical potential as that of the earth. This basically is to ensure that any appliances that have turned faulty and come into contact with human beings do not give them an electric shock. This clever earthing system detects the problem which is either an installation fault or a faulty appliance. The fault is causing the high current flow and triggers in the case of domestic wiring a trip on your over current protection device which is known as an RCD.

This is green and yellow cable RCS Electrical are offering a full electrical testing and inspection service which includes inspection of your home earthing system. If you need more info please get in touch to discuss your needs and requirements.

What are RCD’s?

RCD stands for Residual Current Device. RCD’s were previously known as (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers). They are fitted to consumer units in properties built after 1980. Previously they only tended to protect certain parts of the distribution panel, in a split load mains board (consumer unit).

They are designed to cut out or “trip” which intervines the electrical current to what they are protecting, this occurs when there is a neutral to live fault and is detected by the RCD, this also happens if there is a current running through the Earth wire of a protected circuit.

RCD’s are mainly to protect human beings from electric shocks off a system that has developed a fault. The RCD is designed to cut out power to the fault in point four of a second (0.4) which stops the wiring fault causing damage to your appliance.

For all your electrical needs please call 0800 0029197 and speak to one of friendly electrical engineers

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